30 years of natural beauty care

Posted On Mar 05, 2021

Ikarov celebrates its 30th anniversary! For three decades the united team of the family company, founded in 1991 is dedicated to its mission to produce affordable natural cosmetics from carefully selected high quality raw materials.

"I am glad that we are still working and aspiring towards development and production of efficient blends of natural ingredients," shared Ivaylo Penkov, founder and chief engineer-technologist. "This year we celebrate the contribution and merits of our employees, thanks to whom Ikarov came a long way."

The company applies a certified quality management system ISO 9001, and the products meet the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In 2000, the series of facial aroma-oils was awarded with “Silver Lion” by the Made in Bulgaria Association. In 2012, the Directorate for Economics at the European Commission selected Ikarov as one of the 37 small and medium-sized companies - international champions for their activity in natural cosmetics. In 2019, the brand completely renewed its vision and range and a year later certified all its product series in the international non-governmental organization NATRUE (The International Natural and Organic Association).

"We are pleased to be able to offer only natural products that combine the beneficial and healing properties of pure plant-based and essential oils. We are proud that for 30 years we built Ikarov as a trademark on the strength of the recommendation – by word of mouth, from generation to generation. We thank our customers for the trust over the years and our partners for our long-term work relationship!"

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