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Masters in crafting blends from pure plant oils and essential oils. Experts in creating high-performing formulas that actually work. Proven beauty care professionals.

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    Our History

    Masters in crafting Blends from Pure Plant Oils and Essential Oils

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    Our Founder

    More about our founder Ivaylo Penkov

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    Vision, Mission, Goal and Values

    We think honestly, we speak frankly and we act fairly

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    Quality Guarantee

    By our founder Ivaylo Penkov

Ivaylo Penkov, our founder

Most people dream of turning their passion into a profession but for IKAROV’s founder Ivaylo Penkov this seems like a dream come true.

Over three decades ago, Ivaylo discovered his passion for pure plant oils and their beneficial effects on the human body. His curiosity as a cosmetic chemist was attracted by almond oil – an excellent base for pharmaceutical creams at the time. As a young entrepreneur, Ivaylo introduced the valuable oil to the Bulgarian market. In early 90’s local pharmacies in Ivaylo’s hometown Plovdiv, became his very first customers. Word quickly spread and orders from major pharmaceutical dealers in the capital town of Sofia started coming in. A few months later, Ivaylo started supplying pharmaceutical warehouses throughout the whole country.

One day while driving his cargo bike Ivaylo realized that he has discovered a new market niche in cosmetics and there was no going back. Inspired by his creative drive, he opened a laboratory where he started developing and refining cosmetic blends that soon became a renowned symbol of quality in Central and Eastern Europe.

 Ivaylo quickly built his reputation as an expert in creating high-performing cosmetic formulas that actually work. Skincare industry soon recognized him as a master in creating blends of pure plant and essential oils. IKAROV’s success is rooted in the use of natural ingredients that reflect Ivaylo's personal belief that "nature knows best."

Ivaylo is also one of the first mixologists to produce cosmetic products based on 100% pure plant and essential oils. Ever since, each IKAROV product is first tested within the family – among the children, grandchildren and a close circle of friends. This is the quality guarantee of IKAROV for three decades.

The IKAROV products are produced in small batches of raw pure plant materials and all formulas are designed personally by Ivaylo. That process takes much longer than average, but we prefer patience over compromising the quality. That's why every single product is distinguished by a precise blend of well-balanced ingredients, ready to meet the needs of all ages and skin types.

At IKAROV we believe that everyday skin and haircare unfolds everlasting inner harmony and brings a natural sense of timeless beauty. That's why all the personal stories of our customers inspire us in our aim for perfection. For nearly three decades, we have maintained a responsible attitude and integrity towards our customers and we proudly declare that love for nature will live forever in the IKAROV family!