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Masters in crafting blends from pure plant oils and essential oils. Experts in creating high-performing formulas that actually work. Proven beauty care professionals.

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    Our History

    Masters in crafting Blends from Pure Plant Oils and Essential Oils

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    Our Founder

    More about our founder Ivaylo Penkov

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    Vision, Mission, Goal and Values

    We think honestly, we speak frankly and we act fairly

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    Quality Guarantee

    By our founder Ivaylo Penkov

30 years of experience and tradition in the production of natural cosmetics certified by NATRUE

The quality stamp guaranteed for personally by our founder and engineer Ivaylo Penkov symbolizes a 30 years of tradition and experience in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics. Our products are made in small batches with pure plant-based materials as all cosmetic formulas are still being handcrafted personally by the engineer Ivaylo Penkov. Before marketing our products for commercial use all of them are being tested first within our own family - among our children, grandchildren and close friends. The process itself takes longer than usual but we prefer patience over quality compromises. In fact, this feature of our family-owned company has been recognized by the international Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 in 2002. The introduction of Good Manufacturing Practices system, on the other hand, guarantees a proper functioning at every stage of the production process. In addition to that, it verifies the control over our own criteria for purity of the materials and the product suitability.

Our guide to supreme quality and customer satisfaction

  • We model and create our own cosmetic formulas based on our 30 years of experience, expertise and unique know-how.

  • We enrich our oils with natural antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, vegetable lecithin and rosemary extract in order to preserve their beneficial features and protect the raw materials from oxidation. In addition to stabilizing the oils, the antioxidants demonstrate their beneficial effect on the skin and the hair.

  • Being true to our core values, we remain 100% transparent in the manufacturing process of our products. We never include any of the following ingredients in our cosmetics: alcohol, mineral oils, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

  • Some of the raw materials we use in our cosmetic formulas are of bio and/ or organic origin.

  • We additionally supervise the process of mixing different essential oils together in a product. We take care of the oils’ compatibility and create a completely safe concentration in order to enhance their beneficial features and bring a harmonious fragrance between them.

  • Inspired by the iconic Bulgarian rose, products like rose oil, rose absolue and rose water stand out in our portfolio where traditional recipes and classic methods are being used to obtain a high content of active ingredients.

  • When it comes to our packaging, we provide our customers with reliable information. We believe that honesty is the foundation of strong and lasting relationships

  • We provide our employees with competitive remuneration and good work conditions.

  • Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our care for nature aims to achieve at least 50% biodegradability in the next few years.

After thorough internal checks for approval of each product, we take another big and important step – we certify our products with the international non-governmental organization NATRUE based in Brussels. NATRUE is known for being one of the strictest in the world. The approved products are entitled to bear the NATRUE logo and have a guarantee for:

  • Truly natural and organic ingredients
  • Sustainable production process
  • No synthetic fragrance, colorants, preservatives
  • No silicones, petrochemicals, mineral oils
  • No irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • No GMO
  • No animal testing

The non-profit organization NATRUE sets the strict criteria and independent certification companies inspect each product ensuring that it’s met. The certified products are audited every two years. The products are certified in three levels: natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with organic portion (more than 70%) and organic cosmetics (more than 95%).

We are proud that IKAROV is one of the few Bulgarian brands which can put this world-renowned guarantee for quality natural and organic cosmetics on the face on our packaging.