About Us

Masters in crafting blends from pure plant oils and essential oils. Experts in creating high-performing formulas that actually work. Proven beauty care professionals.

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    Our History

    Masters in crafting Blends from Pure Plant Oils and Essential Oils

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    Our Founder

    More about our founder Ivaylo Penkov

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    Vision, Mission, Goal and Values

    We think honestly, we speak frankly and we act fairly

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    Quality Guarantee

    By our founder Ivaylo Penkov


To make Ikarov synonymous with quality natural care around the world.


To produce affordable natural cosmetics from carefully selected high-quality raw materials, where the added value lies in the technological knowledge and the effective combination of ingredients.

Our Values

We think honestly, we speak frankly and we act fairly.


Every workday at IKAROV’s lab starts with contagious enthusiasm. The unwavering faith in the healing power of nature and the devotion to our customers is what has united our team for nearly 30 years. Our dedication and passion for natural ingredients inspire us to look for perfection in the modeling of each cosmetic formula. Achieving excellence in our products awakens an endless sense of satisfaction in our work. This makes us not just dream of the future, but living every day as a dream come true.


The positive image of IKAROV as an expert in natural cosmetics is rooted in years of proven experience in creating blends of top-quality pure materials with a guaranteed origin. We are strongly committed to constantly enriching our knowledge of blending and creating products that work. This distinctive feature in our philosophy has created a community of loyal customers who recommend IKAROV’s oils to their friends and families. We are proud that we have built IKAROV’s as a brand solely with the power of word of mouth because each blend is ready to meet the real human needs and spark joy in our customers.


At IKAROV we believe that long-lasting relationships are built on honesty. In our opinion, the success of any business is rooted in the honest attitude towards customers, distributors, and employees. We take responsibility for our own actions by sharing knowledge, information, and expertise with our partners and clients. In fact, strong relationships are what inspires us to grow and achieve more. We are grateful for all the connections we established over the years and we are sure that our trust is mutual.