Privacy Policy


This website (“Website”) is owned and managed by “IKAROV” Ltd.. You, as a visitor to our Website, may have questions about the information you provide to us and the way we process it. With this Privacy Policy we would like to explain to you what information we collect on the Website and how we use it. The policy is about the information that is collected through the Website and does not concern such information collected and processed by “IKAROV” Ltd. on the basis of other lawful means specified in Policy for Protection of Personal Data of IKAROV Ltd.

Collected information

If you have decided to contact us using the contact form, you are required to provide the following personal details – name (s), e-mail and phone number. The information collected is processed by “IKAROV” Ltd. for the sole purpose of providing a response to the message you have submitted and contacting you as a customer.

We do not require you to sign up or provide personal information to view our Website or to access its contents.
Your Rights∗:
Right to information
Right of Correction
Right of objection
Right of data portability
Right to Restrict Processing
Right to appeal
*For more detailed information, please see Policy for Protection of Personal Data of IKAROV Ltd.

You may contact us by the contact details we provide – address, telephone, email.
The email you provide is only used to provide a response to your submissions as our customers.

Campaigns, games and promotions

On our Website there may be announcements of competitions, games and / or promotions you can take part in, as well as references to such initiatives (for example, in Facebook). We use the information you provide only if you have agreed to participate in these initiatives in order to contact you.

Information collected through cookies

We provide you with information about what cookies are, how they are used, for what purposes, and how you can manage them for this Website and other related sites.