Botanical Scalp and Hair Care

Botanical Hair Care is a series of active formulas developed for the needs of every hair type. It contains 100% natural carrier and essential oils enriched with valuable plant absolutes* and new generation ingredients. The oils nourish the hair roots, stimulate the growth, hydrate and soothe the scalp without weighing the hair. Easy to apply, the products prevent ends’ splitting, restore the vitality of treated and damaged hair, and make it more resistant. The pleasant and fresh scent of citrus fruits caresses the senses.

*The absolute is the most complete and rich form of plant extract. Contains concentrated biologically active ingredients and has a real, deep, primal aroma.

Botanical Scalp and Hair Care Products

Stronger Hair & Scalp Serum

The strengthening serum with chestnut is created by adding high-tech active ingredients to a precise blend of several plant oils – almond, safflower, avocado and olive phytosterols.

Hair Growth Stimulant

The stimulant is created by adding nettle absolute and other active ingredients to a base of almond oil.

Nourishing Argan Hair Oil

A balanced combination of plant-based oils, extracts and vitamins that are essential in hair care. Especially suitable for blond and thin hair, and dry hair ends.