Botanical Mum and Baby Care

For the most important moments in life we created this series with a lot of care and attention. It contains only organically certified ingredients and such with pharmaceutical quality, in order to provide reliable and completely safe natural care for mother and baby. The blends are balanced and with light aromas which do not irritate the senses. Skin is moisturized and nourished without greasy residues. The products can be used from the first day of pregnancy and after birth.

Botanical Mum and Baby Care Products

Anti-Stretch Mark Body Oil

The anti-stretch mark body oil contains 100% natural, organically certified ingredients and is completely safe for both mother and baby.

Nourishing Baby Oil

The nourishing baby oil contains only natural, organically certified ingredients that are gentle to the baby's delicate skin.

Soothing Nipple Balm

The soothing nipple balm contains organically certified fatty oils and is completely safe for the baby.