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Posted On Nov 06, 2019

Since its founding, Ikarov has always offered pure natural oils. Now, part of the assortment includes products with unique author blends from pure and organic oils. This allows us to take on our responsibility for nature’s conservation and the healthier care of our users.

„100% organic products are these, which excluding water and salt, contain only ingredients obtained by pure biological means.” – according to the USDA certifying organization. „Organic” means to cease usage of chemicals and fertilizers in the soil, air and water. Buying organic products, each one of us contributes to a cleaner environment in which all living beings coexist.

In order for a raw material to be certified as organic, the complete production process from plant sowing and cultivation, to harvesting / production, packaging, storage and transportation, must meet the following criteria:

  • No synthetic chemical products, such as fertilizers and pesticides should be used; plant irradiation must be avoided.
  • Genetically modified plant seeds should not be used for planting crops.
  • For the cultivation of plants, soil which has not been treated with chemicals and fertilizers for three years must be used.
  • An extraction method preserving to a maximum the raw material should be used. The requirements for its storage and transportation should be observed.
  • Periodic inspections and quality control of the raw materials have to be performed.

The Bio-certification or also named Organic-certification, banes ingredients used in the conventional crops. Therefore, the raw material producers are obliged to certify both their organic and conventional oils and store them separately.

Ikarov’s organic oils are supplied from producers with bio-certification who have gone through its strict requirements. These oils are with a guaranteed purity; they are safe for the skin and contribute to nature’s preservation.

You can find them in the product series Botanical Pure Butters, Botanical Pure Oils, Botanical Mum & Baby Care, Botanical Hand & Nail Care.

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